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             I.B.Norm Increases IT Budget Return on Investment...                                                                  Outstanding Customers deserve outstanding customer service...                                  Intergrating Applications was never this much fun...              

  Specializing in Hospital and Health Care Application Integration Insurance, Business, & Financial Information Systems Integration
I.B.Norm,Inc. I.B.Norm, Inc. will help you standardize your data transactions to improve your efficiency and minimize your headaches. With over 10 years experience in the Networking/Application Integration fields, I.B.Norm knows the ins and outs of the Integration Business. Whether it be in the Retail, Insurance, Financial, Government, Hospital or the Health Care industry, I.B.Norm has the experience to help you realize your integration dreams and overcome your integration nightmares.

I.B.Norm operates in San Diego, California and helps clients save their IT budget by working remotely. The goal is to help the client save money and time with the right integration solution at a reasonable cost.

Specializing in remote development, testing and maintenance for:


ICAN SRE e*Gate e*Insight e*Xchange








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